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{zero point nine} personal experiments, etc.

Flash Webcam DVR

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Big caveat: This eats up a _ton_ of memory, as the video is simply made up of hundreds of frames stored in an array of BitmapData.

Bigger caveat: The save and load feature is only practical for very short video clips, and will otherwise bring down the browser (!). It stores megs of data to a local SharedObject, which surely constitutes a criminal abuse of what LSO's are designed to do (har).

Rational: When doing personal stuff, I’m only half-interested in questions of usability and stability (!)

To-do, hopefully: Port to Apollo (but first learn how to use Apollo!); offload video data from memory to disk using the Apollo file I/O API (Thanks, Béla, for the idea); find a solution to compress video to memory/disk on the fly.

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