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{zero point nine} personal experiments, etc.

Mesh Slicer v1.9 (Cube Steak Edition)

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Sooner than expected, this version covers bullet-point 2 of the previous post:

Adding extra faces to the cut-up meshes to make them closed shapes again would make the whole thing feel more “physical” and less abstract-graphics-demoey...

Adobe's Kuler service is being used to generate the color scheme, which I find quite exciting. Because it saves this particular demo from a world of red and black -- which are basically the only colors I use when left to my own devices. (Press [C] to cycle through colors) Thanks to Aden Forshaw for the AS3/Kuler example.

Finally worth noting is that the 'physics' have improved a little. I was previously using vertex count as a proxy for mass. Using the bounding box volume ended up being a better way of faking it.

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