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Voxel Renderer (3D + Isometric)

This is a volumetric voxel drawing library for the browser which originally started as a 'Hello World' exercise for three.js and pixi.js. It renders in 3D using three.js or in isometric 2D using pixi.

The library's API piggy-backs on three.js. Voxel objects extend from three.js's Object3D, and are composed in a three.js Scene, and support matrix transformations and child objects. From there, drawing is simply a matter of calling 'myRenderer.render(myScene)'. See the demo project in the source code to get started.

The library is 'pre-alpha' but usable, and is suitable for, let's say.. scenes of a low visual workload. A savvier (and muuch faster) implementation might bypass general-purpose graphics frameworks and render directly to the WebGL context with its own shaders.

Written in CoffeeScript.

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